are the keys to bring four siblings together
and continue the true brand story - E&V Jewellery for more than two decades

E&V Jewellery was founded in 1993 by two siblings, Ester Chan and Vivian Chan in Hong Kong - the Asia’s World City mixed with the Eastern and Western culture. Jennifer Chan and Caroline Chan, the other two siblings joined the company after two years to empower the Brand.

Demonstrating the magical spirit of the colour gemstones, the natural beauty of the semi-precious stones and the rarity of diamond, four siblings share their passions, skills and experiences to create more than thousands of unique statement, timeless glamourous and story-telling fine jewellery.

‘Art-Jewellery’ is the statement to describe E&V jewels which combining the innovative creation and the finest and exquisite handmade craftsmanship. The fancy and unusual cut of each colour stone is one of the key elements to lead E&V jewels an international level and was selling worldwide successfully.

Every piece of E&V jewel tells a story …… Inspiring by the colorful blossoming flowers, the enchanting nature, the heritage of fine art, the art deco style architecture and the fascinating fashion world, each E&V jewel can match with different characters, moods and occasions. E&V jewels can portray out a woman's style with glamour, elegance, femininity and sophisticate.

E&V's Mission is to bring COLOUR, JOY and PASSION to everyone’s life!


‘The Secret of my jewellery is to brighten up
a joyful mood and brings every woman In Style,
Unique and Lady with Class. 
Be a kind of woman who wants to be. 
I would be grateful if you would join me and
discover my Colors Paradise!'

Vivian Chan is the Jewellery Designer and the Founder of E&V Jewellery. She has been working in one of the prestigious renowned French brand jewellery company.

Vivian loves travelling. Different places give her the inspirational ideas and thoughts in creating E&V jewels. From the enchanted garden and the blooming floral shop in Paris, the sculptural forms of the St Basil Church in Moscow, a piece of art painting in V&A Museum, the fascinating fashion world in Milan and the Historical Clock in Prague, Vivian creates individual fabulous and fairytale high jewellery collections.

Music gives her the good mood and inspiration when she designs …. from classical, light jazz to bossa nova. Sometimes, she plays her piano for relaxing and inspiring.

Her jewellery image out a woman with glamorous and elegant looking and yet a sense of mystery. Vivian invites all the woman in the world, come and live with happiness, passion, appreciate life and fill love with colours.
GOD created colours to the world; Vivian transforms colours to a piece of E&V jewel.